Rifle Mauser – Milovanovic | Kokinka

During the liberation wars 1876-1878, military factory played an important role, but they would point to the obsolescence of arms that the Serbian Army had. As Serbia gained its independence after the Berlin Congress in 1878, it turned to the problem of unification and modernization of its military weapons.
A committee for the selection of a new “rifle model” was established and its president was Major Kosta Koka Milovanovic. Numerous world and national designers and manufacturers took part in it. Kosta was intrigued by the solution of M1871/78 Mauser rifles, and he decided to improve the ballistics of this rifle by increasing the velocity and precision of shooting. Commission for the Serbian army armament adopted this rifle – single shot breech-loaded rifle M1880 Mauser-Milovanovic, named Kokinka (panel 16).
Mauser brothers’ company from Oberndorf was facing bankruptcy and the production of 100 000 rifles in accordance with Milovanovic’s redesign, to equip the Serbian Army was the salvation from certain doom.
At that time and until the end of the twentieth century, Kokinka would be one of the best rifles in the world by its ballistic characteristics.
As quick-fire rifles appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, Kokinka soon became obsolete and its modernization was needed.
Modification was made by VTZ gunsmith shop and the single-shot rifle was remodelled to a five-round rifle, by colonel Gojko Djuric (panels 21, 22). Production of parts and repair of rifles began in 1908. New barrels were purchased and the magazine capacity was increased to 5 rounds. Like Kokinka, this version of Mauser rifle, remodeled in VTZ proved to be a very good solution.