Museum "Old Gun Foundry"

About us

Museum of Crvena Zastava Works (ZCZ) was established and opened in October 1953, as a part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the factory. The theme of the Museum is history and development of the plant. The exhibition was set up in the building of what is today called the Bushing Plant and it included product range and technical equipment of the factory. When the production expanded and automobile industry came to life, the museum has accordingly been amended in 1960, and a new exhibition was added, consisting of new products of the automotive industry.
The setting of the museum radically changed in 1973. The occasion was the 120th anniversary of the factory. By the decision of the ZCZ council in 1972, the Museum of historical and technical development of ZCZ was founded. For the occasion, the building of the Old Gun Foundry was renovated. The setting showed the 165 years of the development through the production program of the factory, machinery and tools, original documents, copies and photographs. The exhibition showed the technical and technological development of the factory, but also its role in the armament of the Serbian Army. It also showed the importance of the military factory for commercial-economic, socio-political and cultural development of Kragujevac and the whole Serbia.
The exhibition is located in the exhibition hall, with an area of 800 m2, which was not built for the museum. The exhibition hall is adapted to the preserved hall of the Gun Foundry. The museum fund has about 5,500 items that are arranged in seven museum collections: Weapons and equipment, Machinery and tools, Archive, Photographs, Art works, Stamps and Medals. In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum also has seven depots and museum library. Until 1994, the museum was named the Museum of the Crvena Zastava Works and after that, it was named the Old Gun Foundry Museum. Thousands of visitors visit the Museum each year.
Since 1973, the permanent exhibition suffered a few changes. Care and maintenance of the Old Gun Foundry Museum, a rare building of industrial architecture, that keeps the tradition of growth of the Serbian state is one of the priorities of the factory Zastava Arms.